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2006 Budapest, Hungary: Aligning Program Goals, Instructional Practices and Outcomes Assessment

Bulgaria: Standardizing language training programs in the Bulgarian military educational institutions by Ms. Sotirova and LTC S.Stamatov
Canada: How Are We Doing? Program Assessment and Evaluation by Ms. Dubeau
Denmark: The Design and Use of Lexical Databases as Teaching and Learning Aids for Increasing Training Efficiency by Lt Bilgrav
Germany: Meeting Customers' Language Requirements by Mr. Walinsky 
Greece: Managing National Language Programs: Setting Goals, Designing Syllabus and Assessing Programs by Mr. Papadopoulos
         Teaching English in Multinational Groups
by Mr. Panajotu
         Military Language Teaching at the Language Institute of Zrínyi Miklós National Defense University by Dr. Kovácsné and Dr. Nábrádi
         Military Language Testing at the National Defence University and the Common European Framework by Dr. Varnai
Romania: Force Goal 0356 – Centered--Language Training In The Military Environment by LTC Juretcu
SHAPE/NATO: The New & Improved SHAPE Directive 75-4 by Mr. Adubato
        New Training Structure in the Swedish Armed Forces by Ms. Larsson

        Future Officer Training in Sweden by Ms. Leimanis
Turkey: Turkish Army Language School by Lt. Col Akengin
United Kingdom:
        DOLSU Project Team
by LT COL A.J. Parrott
        Survival Level Language Training by Mr. Nowers
United States:
         Using ILR/STANAG Level Descriptors And Text Typology And Passage Rating In ClassroomLASS Teaching Towards Proficiency by Mr. Dirgin
         Language Training Policy and Overall Program Evaluation by Mr. Wert
         Language Training Study by Mr. Wert

National reports: Austria,  Bulgaria, Demark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, USA