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2019 Copenhagen, Denmark: Setting and Achieving Proficiency Targets: The "Whats" and "Hows" of effective teaching and training

Presentations, 7-11 October, 2019
Day 1

BILC overview Oct 2018 - Oct 2019, Branka Petek, SVN
Host nation Presentation, Frank Mathiassen, DNK
Report on French STANAG group, Julie Dubeau, CAN
Issues in STANAG testing, Mike Adubato, SHAPE
Testing JTACs, Kare Kildevang-Jakobsen, DNK
Report on the BAT2 Project, Peggy Garza, David Oglesby, USA/PLTCE
Computer Based vs Paper based Tests, Lela Khubuluri, GEO
Requirement setting - a UK perspective, David Gibb, GBR
Setting Guidelines for Topic Areas, Dugald Sturges, DEU

Day 2

Wants, needs or lacks - A task-based needs analysis study, Liis Raudvere, EST
Needs Analysis - Connecting Curriculum and Assessment in ESP, Clayton Leishman, USA
The phenomenon of shrinking outcomes, Ray Clifford, USA
A Journey to Perfection, Emilie Cleret, FRA
Signposting the Way to Success for CBI Language Courses, Agnes Burda, POL
Italian AF's approach to tailoring, Benjamin Pim, ITA
The Challenges of Teaching Writing, Milena Prosic, HRV
Developing autonomy in language use, Marta Gabriel, PRT

Day 3

The Need for Training in Giving and Receiving Feedback, Ashley Bahreini, USA
The Role of Feedback in Teaching and Learning, Jérôme Collin, FRA
Language Under Pressure, Gro Frolund, DNK
ESP Training for Military Personnel, Daria Leska-Osiak, POL
Some whats and hows of effective teaching, Cihan Kilic, TUR
Needs Analysis for Language for Specific Purposes, Pete Westbrook, DNK

Day 4

Interpretation - from classroom to which field, Jerome-Frederic Josserand, SWE
Designing and Delivering Specific Toolbox for Force Protection, Sebastien Wespahel, BEL
Designing and Delivering a Specific Toolbox, Sebastien Wespahel, BEL
Using Video Footage as Cognitive Reinforcment, Stephen Haughey, SWE
A Teacher Evaluation Framework, Anna Di Virgilio, ITA

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