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2020 hosted by Portugal and PLTCE online: Language Training in the Times of Crises: Challenges and Opportunities


Day 1

1 BILC update Oct 2019-Oct 2020, Branka Petek, BILC
2 Seminar Overview, Peggy Garza, BILC
3 Presentation by HN Representative, Marta Gabriel, Portugal
4 Online Language Teaching and 5 Laws of Learning, Dr Ray Clifford, USA
5 Successful Learning in the Portuguese Navy during the COVID-19 Period, Daniel Neto, Portugal
6 Training during COVID-19 Lessons Learned in Portuguese Army, Ana Sernadas, Portugal
7 Teaching Turkish Using Distance Education Technologies and Online Turkish Courses, Okan Sakaryali, Turkey
New ─░stanbul for Foreigners

Day 2

Panel 1 Marta Gabriel
8 A Paradigm Shift at the Military Academy in Zurich, Sanson Schweizer, Switzerland
9 Online Training and Testing - Challenges under COVID-19 , Andreas Prutsch, Austria
10 Implementing Blended Learning in the English Language Course, Michael Barnett, Germany
11 Learning During Lockdown, Benjamin Pim, Italy
12 The Australian Experience of Online Language Learning, Pinghan Chua, Australia

Day 3

Panel 2 Birgitte Grande
13 BILC Testing Workshop, September 2020 - highlights, Andreea Marinescu, Romania
14 BILC Shared Item Bank Project, Merit Kompus, Marju Laurits, Estonia, Nancy Powers, Canada
15 Online Training and Testing, Virtual Classrooms, Kiril Hadzhiev, Bulgaria
16 ETIS - Electronic Testing Information System - The Advantages and Pitfalls, Jan Krivka, Czech Republic

Day 4

Panel 3 Peggy Garza
17 Our Lockdown Teaching Experience, Tanja Debevc, Martina Grmek, Slovenia
18 Rethinking Teacher Assessment - The Unexpected Liberating Effect of Strict Sanitary Measures, Jerome Collin, France
19 What Does 'Blended' Mean - Lessons from the UK, Duncan Ayres, UK
20 Rethinking Student Motivation - Dominating the All-Digital Paradigm, Emilie Cleret, France
21 Enhancing Advanced Level Instruction IAW STANAG 6001, Jana Vasilj-Begovic, Canada, Dr. Michael Campbell, USA

Day 5

Panel 4 Julie Dubeau
22 BILC professional seminar 2020 - final remarks, Branka Petek, BILC