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2021, hosted by Slovenia nad PLTCE online: Keeping Pace with the Times: Providing Flexible and Timely Training Solutions

Steering Committee

Branka Petek BILC cooperation and projects
Branka Petek BILC website and events
Keith Wert  ETEE and DCB
Mary Jo Dibiase Lubrano Introduction to Research workshop
Merit Kompus Shared Item Bank project
Peggy Garza Cooperation with Ukraine
Peggy Garza ELTEC2
Peggy Garza PTEC Collaboration

Day 1

1 BILC update May 2020 - May 2021, Branka Petek, BILC
2 Conference Overview, Branka Petek, BILC
3 Defence Education Enhancement Programme, Pavel Anastasov, DEEP
4 Adapting Curricula for Virtual Training - the Australian Experience, Tony Peck, Australia
5 Best Practices in Online Training - the Austrian Armed Forces Approach, Thomas Fronek, Austria
6 Practitioners not students - Maintaining Language Capability, Elizabeth Seymour, Matthew Sharp, UK
7 The Lockdown Sessions - Experience with and Lessons Learned, Dugald Sturges, Germany

Day 2

Panel 1, Julie Dubeau
8 The Constant Switch from Onsite to Online - When Recurrent Brakes Become the Driver, Emilie Cléret, France
9 Moving Residential Intermediate Courses Online - The whys, the hows and the whats, Benjamin Pim, Italy
10 Blended Learning Means Blended Pace, Jerome Collin, France
11 Teachers vs. Technicians - a win-win cooperation to efficient digital teaching , Helene Mourey, France
12 Joining Efforts for Designing Online Materials for the Military (Erasmus+ Project), Valentina Georgieva, Bulgaria

Day 3

Panel 2, Martina Grmek
13 Rethinking the Rating Process - Solution to the Threshold performance Dilemma, Mary Jo Di Biase, USA, Jana Vasilj-Begovic, Canada
14 Computer Adaptive Language Testing - From Idea to Implementation, Viktoriia Krykun, Ukraine
15 I can't come to the words - Assessment Guiding Flexible Training Solution, B. Grande, H. Skilleas, Norway, C. Leishman, US
16 Localising a Foreign Training Resource, UN Military Peacekeepers Manual, Laura Murto, Finland
17 Sustainable STANAG 6001 Testing, Vladan Holcner, Czech Republic

Day 4

Panel 3, Edelmira Nickels
18 PfPC Overview, Zoltan Homonnay, PfPC
19 From ELTEC2 to the NATO Writing Strategies Course, Peggy Garza, BILC
20 Future Host 2021 STANAG 6001 Testing Workshop PLTCE, Peggy Garza, BILC
21 Future Host BILC 2021 Professional Seminar Lithuania, Ausra Narbutiene
22 Future Host BILC 2022 Conference Italy, Alessandra Giglioli
23 Future Host Terminology Conference 2022 Slovenia, Tamara Derman Zadravec
24 BILC conference 2021 - final remarks, Branka Petek, BILC

Presentation summaries

BILC Shared Item Bank Project, Merit Kompus, Estonia
Blended Learning Means Blended Pace, Jerome Collin, France
Joining efforts for Designing Online Materials for the Military, Valentina Georgieva, Bulgaira
The Constant Switch form Onsite to Online, Emilie Cleret, France