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Best Practices in STANAG 6001 Testing (PDF)
Roadmap to Validity (PDF)

Benchmark Advisory Test (BAT)
For Demo Tests:  ID = nato  PASSWORD = bat

Speaking and Writing Proficiency Samples (IAW STANAG 6001)

Speaking Proficiency Snippets
  • The snippets below illustrate the speaking proficiency at different STANAG 6001 levels. Please note that final ratings cannot be assigned on the basis of a small sample of performance. These snippets were taken out of full oral proficiency interviews.

    Speaker Topic Rating
    Luis (#22) How he got the job 1+
    Sung (#16) Educational Background 2
    Oscar (#28) Role play: Lost luggage 1+
    Mildred (#30) Travel outside of one’s country 3
    Omar (#34) Teachers are born, not made 2+
    Guadalupe (#23) First days & weeks taking classes 1+
    Mildred (#29) Commuting and mass transit systems 3
The writing samples in the downloadable PDF include examples of STANAG 6001 writing levels 0+, 1, 1+, 2, 2+ and 3.

Tester Toolbox
STANAG 6001 Level 4 Language Proficiency
As products of the BILC Working Group on STANAG 6001 Level 4 proficiency, the main purpose of these documents is to provide a comprehensive interpretation of language competence associated with Level 4 and to enhance the common understanding of the Level 4 descriptors.  The paper also discusses requirements for testing language competence at Level 4.