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Best Practices

Best Practices in STANAG 6001 Testing
Roadmap to Validity (PDF)
Online Multinational Moderation
Virtual Multinational Norming Sessions for Testing Speaking
Administration of Remote Speaking Tests

Shared Item Bank Project

1. Background
2. Sample reading items

Speaking and Writing Proficiency Samples (IAW STANAG 6001)

Speaking Proficiency Snippets
  • The snippets below illustrate the speaking proficiency at different STANAG 6001 levels. Please note that final ratings cannot be assigned on the basis of a small sample of performance. These snippets were taken out of full oral proficiency interviews.

    Speaker Topic Rating
    Luis (#22) How he got the job 1+
    Sung (#16) Educational Background 2
    Oscar (#28) Role play: Lost luggage 1+
    Mildred (#30) Travel outside of one’s country 3
    Omar (#34) Teachers are born, not made 2+
    Guadalupe (#23) First days & weeks taking classes 1+
    Mildred (#29) Commuting and mass transit systems 3
The writing samples in the downloadable PDF include examples of STANAG 6001 writing levels 0+, 1, 1+, 2, 2+ and 3.

Tester Toolbox
STANAG 6001 Level 4 Language Proficiency
As products of the BILC Working Group on STANAG 6001 Level 4 proficiency, the main purpose of these documents is to provide a comprehensive interpretation of language competence associated with Level 4 and to enhance the common understanding of the Level 4 descriptors.  The paper also discusses requirements for testing language competence at Level 4.